Take Away Conveyor

The take away conveyor is used to transport and transfer packaged products. One of the useful accessories for packaging and filling machines, the take away conveyor is a useful tool during the transportation of products.

Packaging processes are extremely important in order for the foods to be placed on the tables in a healthy way. For this reason, the packaging process is carried out using special machines that are not touched by human hands. Packaging and filling vehicles have their own technological features. In addition to these features, these machines are supported with extra accessories and a more efficient process is passed. The take away conveyor is used to complete the packaging phase and transfer the packaged products to the collection tray without any damage. It is practically integrated into the machine and can be used for a long time. It continues until the process is completed. Designed from stainless steel, these accessories can be easily removed and installed. Operations applied on the machine’s display panel continue sequentially. In case of need, it can be produced in various sizes. With this accessory, manpower is minimized and fast transportation is performed. It is ensured to save time, reduce manpower and perform sterile processes. These accessories, which are extremely technologically powerful, are followed by the necessary steps as a result of the operator’s adjustments.

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