About Us


Established in the year 2011, with its expertise in machine production and automation sectors, our company is enhancing with safe steps towards being the leader of manufacturing companies in producing state of the art packaging machines.

Nowadays, packaging solutions are not limited to raw and unprocessed food; It is expanding in general foods such as dried fruit, fries and much more, and this is one of the reasons why our goals are not limited.

We are make our strives to take its place in the domestic and international markets at higher levels to project, counselling, production and turnkey solutions.




Our Vision

Growing is what drives us and shapes our vision of reaching every corner of the world and providing up to date machinery to both domestic and international customers. At Harkom, we don’t thrive solely on technology for global reach but, we also have a set of beliefs.  ● Adapting and improvising ● Increasing user’s and personal satisfaction ● To use the developing technology in machine production. ● Speeding up the packaging industry with increased efficiency What makes our vision different than others is the determination to become one of the most preferred solution providers. Our basic principle is transparency and honesty.


Our Mission is to become a leading enterprise for the purposes of our own values by delivering class-leading packaging machinery at reasonable prices. We find innovation in simplicity and that empowers us to work even better than our previous self. Providing equipment made up of sturdy and quality material is our stronghold and to do so, we focus on our efficiency by adopting technological improvements and changes in this field. At every stage of our business, we also keep our clients on our mind to not just the deliver the products but our promises.