Box Taping

In the products that are packaged and taken into boxes at the last stage of the production line, box taping is performed. Box taping accessories are used in order to make box taping operations more practical and faster and to save labour. With the box taping accessory, the upper and lower parts of the boxes are simultaneously taped. Thus, the banding operations of the boxes are completed with a single move.

In the developed product, a special adjustment can be made according to dimensions such as height and width. Thus, all operations are carried out easily with a single box taping accessory, even in enterprises where production is carried out in different sizes. The fact that the width and height are adjustable also increases the functionality of the accessory.

What are the features of the box taping?

There is not special rail system in the box taping accessory. For this reason, the boxes to be connected must be pushed by the personnel. The accessory works manually. It can be easily transported thanks to the wheels located at the very bottom. The banding unit thus ensures that it occurs smoothly at any time needed in enterprises. The box taping accessory developed by Harkom Makina for portable and mobile use is easily adaptable to production lines.

Different tape models can be used in box taping processes. The availability of different tape types, such as standard or self-adhesive paper, provides flexibility in the production stages. There is no damage or deformation of the boxes during the taping process. After the width and height adjustments, there is not damage to the boxes. Taping operations are performed as needed. When larger-scale or smaller-scale studies are required, Harkom Makina develops special models for the need by providing the necessary support and work.

If you have different needs, especially the box taping unit, which can be purchased at affordable costs, or if you want to get more information about the product, you can contact us. With Harkom Makine, you can reach the necessary information and support whenever you need it. Harkom Makine the leading brand of automation processes in Turkey, provides support to work smoothly and quickly on production lines with the models it has developed for the needs of the sector.

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