Food supplies go through an intensive packaging process before they take their place on the shelves. Technological machines are used for packaging operations that are not done by manpower.

Packing and Filling Machine Pre-Packaging Accessories

There are pre-packaging accessories with different functions such as belt conveyor, big bag crane, mixing bunker, vibration bunker, bucket elevator, tube screw conveyor. The belt conveyor has the transport function of the products and transfer operations are also used. Thanks to easy assembly equipment, it is integrated into filling machines and the principle of operation is developed. The first accessory to be packaged is called a mixing bunker. Any physical deformation is prevented by keeping the powder-shaped products in motion. Its use is practical and helps in the packaging of food with health. The big bag crane used for the transportation of large bags and sacks is used practically, allowing the bags to be easily transported. It is quite easy to use this equipment, which saves time during transportation. The vibration bunker is the first area where the products to be packaged are collected. A bucket elevator is the machine accessory used to transport granule products to the desired distance. Damages that may occur during transport are prevented by this tool. Another of the machine accessories is a tube screw conveyor, which is designed for the transportation of products with a dusty structure. It allows carrying the product at the desired distance without any deformation with the help of screws. There are different models according to various capacities and products. These accessories, which move thanks to the electric motor, are important equipment for filling machines.

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