IM-W Packaging Machine With Multihead Weigher

IM-W Packaging Machine With Multihead Weigher

IM-W Packaging Machine with Multihead Weigher is an important machine for high precision. Let’s examine the features of IM-W Multiple Electronic Weighing Packaging Machine.

IM-W Multiple Electronic Weighing Packaging Machine

IM-W Multi Electronic Weighing Machine is suitable for high precision packaging of grain products. This packaging machine is controlled by an independent microprocessor. The electronic balance is controlled via a touch screen independent of the packaging machine. Automatic cleaning, multi unloading, automatic product feeding, parameter recording for different products, different languages interface is available. It can be manufactured with different size and number of panes according to product type, speed and precision information. Pan and feeding mechanisms can be easily removed and cleaned. All surfaces in contact with the product are AISI 304 stainless steel and are suitable for foods. easy to change collar set allows quick change of package type.

Easy-to-adjust speckle sensor for precise package length adjustment. Automatic stop operation due to printer error is continuously checked, preventing unprinted and incorrect printing. It is equipped with AC motor driven film sliding unit. Pneumatically driven horizontal jaw pressing and cutting unit can perform error-free operation. Depending on the type of packaging, cold or hot bonding techniques can be applied. Film tension is continuously controlled. Accurate centering with coil centering with precise edge control. IM-W Multiple Electronic Weighing Packaging Machine is assembling in accordance with CE standards. Different language options and easy to use touch screen increases the ease of use.

Optional Equipment:

  • Nitrogen filling unit
  • Screw feeding unit
  • Output Conveyor
  • Vacuum belt
  • Eurohole / Strap Hole
  • Printer with barcode and date writing

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Technicial Specifications

Width IM290 3070mm / IM400 3070mm
Length IM290 2650mm / IM400 2650mm
Height IM290 3370mm / IM400 3610mm
Weight IM290 1450kg / IM400 1500kg
Production Speed (Number/Min) 75
Package Length IM290 60mm-350mm / IM400 60mm-700mm
Package Width IM290 60mm-270mm / IM400 60mm-380mm
Film Coil Diameter 300mm
Film Coil Width IM290 130mm-580mm / IM400 130mm-830mm
Power Consumption 7.5 Kw
Operating Voltage 380V 3 Phase 50Hz
Air Consumption 250 Lt/Dakika - Minute
Air Pressure (min.) 5 Bar




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