Pallet Wrapping

Pallet wrapping machines are used to prevent damage to the products on the pallet and to provide convenience during transportation. This model, which can be used in all products that will be transported on the pallet, has a special rotation system.

After the pallets are placed on the unit, the tape is wrapped in a pallet that is constantly rotated by the machine with a special stretch film or similar products used. A process that a worker can do in a much longer time is performed at the most affordable cost and in a much shorter time. The pallet wrapping process is used in the final stage in the packaging line. The products produced are stacked and then made ready for logistics. Together with the pallet wrapping, the pallets are made whole. Thus, falling, damaging or similar risks during transportation are eliminated.

What are the features of the pallet wrapping?

One of the prominent features of the pallet wrapping machine is that it saves time. Carrying out fast wrapping processes ensures that the products are ready for transportation. However, many problems that may occur during transportation and the risks that will be taken are also minimized by wrapping operations. The wrapping machine, which also plays an effective role in reducing the cost of workers and materials, thus provides economy and time savings for each enterprise.

The use of the product consists of three stages. First, the pallet should be placed, then the stretch films should be attached to the accessory so that the wrapping operations can be performed. After these processes are completed, the accessory is operated from the small control panel. Thus, the process is completed by wrapping the pallet with a move from the bottom up. After the process is completed, the machine is stopped again from the accessory panel and the pallet is transferred to the next stage.

There is no situation where there may be a technical problem in its use. At the same time, the pallet wrapping unit, which is produced with the assurance and quality of Harkom Makina, is produced using durable materials. It prevents the emergence of a different need for pallet wrapping for many years.

You can choose the assurance of Harkom Makina for your different machine and accessory needs in production areas, especially the pallet wrapping machine. You can contact us for detailed information about the pallet wrapping machine.


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