Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is among the products that can be used easily in all production areas where packaging or transfer operations are involved. After the sacks are filled in the filling lines, transfer tapes can be used in order to carry the sacks to different areas in a safe manner. These products, produced by Harkom Makina at international standards, enable various adjustments and easy integration of tapes into different production areas.

What are the features of the transfer tape?

Harkom transfer tapes, which are shaped according to the requirements of the production lines, can be easily adjusted according to the size of the bags. Moreover, the speeds of the tapes are easily determined in the operations. By means of the special control panel, height and speed adjustments can be made, instead of using more than one transfer line in the production lines, all transports can be made with a single tape.

In the models developed by Harkom, the R&D studies carried out on the production lines are functional and models that fully meet the expectations are provided. This situation is clearly visible even in transfer tapes that seem simple.
Moreover, Harkom, where businesses that need special production can get support in different special productions, thus provides transfer tape support in the desired size and feature.

How much are transfer tape prices?

You can contact us for prices in productions made in models that can be adapted to different production areas and in standard sizes. However, in cases where special productions are requested, it is necessary to perform a price study according to the size and desired characteristics of the transfer tape. In such cases, you can still contact us. You can easily meet your needs with Harkom and continue your production activities without any problems.

Our Company which founded in 2011 with its experiences in machine production and automation sectors is enhancing with safe steps in the way to be one of the leader engineering company.

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