Accessories synchronized with packaging machines allow the production line to operate smoothly. Machine accessory models developed as three different groups; different product options such as pre-packaging accessories, machine accessories, and post-packaging accessories are available. Thus, existing problems in businesses are easily solved. Production is done faster with different machine accessory models. The wide variety of machine accessory models adds additional capabilities and features to the machines. It creates opportunities to offer solutions at affordable costs. Moreover, machine accessory prices are very advantageous according to the contribution it will make.


Pre-Packaging Accessories

Pre-Packaging accessories carry out the feeding and transportation of the products for the prepackaged section. In special productions or new requirements, existing pre-packaging accessory models can be selected. Special products such as sack cranes, bucket elevators, mixer bunker, or vibration bunker are included in this group of accessories.


Machine Accessories

Machine accessories have a very rich variety. Solutions such as Quadro collar or standard collar, thermal printers for writings and labels to be processed on the package, coil handling apparatus are accessories used in the machine. At this stage, the important thing is to use accessories developed specifically for the current package type in the detailed packaging process. Accessories are selected for special bags and filling processes with the same machine are carried out smoothly.


Post-Packaging Accessories

Post-Packaging is the last section where products are processed after packaging. Different accessories may be required when checking products and transferring them to the next process. Different transfer accessories such as sewing machines, transfer belts, and take-away conveyors can be preferred as post-packaging accessories. In productions where weight is important, special control mechanisms such as check weighers are also among the accessories that can be preferred. Box taping developed by Harkom is among the post-packaging accessories such as turntable, metal detector, and pallet wrapping.

Packaging machines produce according to general packaging processes. Support can be provided with accessories in different processes or additional requirements. The full compatibility of both machines and developed accessories provides an economical solution by eliminating new machine requirements in enterprises. It allows production to proceed serially and smoothly. While Harkom has gained great success with machine accessory models, machine accessory prices create a great opportunity for businesses with affordable prices.

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