Metal Detector

Metal detectors are accessories used for control purposes, especially after packaging processes. It can be used by integrating easily into different packaging lines. These metal detectors make the process more risk-free and easy for businesses.

The whole operation is completed without any problems, together with the metal checks to be made in the packages before and after the packaging processes. No negligence or error should be included in the packaging for the product that will go to the end consumer. Controls made with a metal detector take on one of the most important tasks in the packaging line. The packages are able to be checked by the detector in the process of fast packing.

The detectors, which do not hinder the production speed in the production areas in any way, provide rapid control in addition to all these features. In this way, it detects possible errors. Metal detectors, developed by Harkom Makina and offering superior performance in every field they are used, can be installed in a special way with different equipment in line with the needs. Harkom Makine professionally meets your other needs, especially metal detectors, in many different product portfolios that may be needed in production areas.

What are the features of the metal detector?

Metal detectors have a special channel through which the packets can pass quickly. At the same time, thanks to a special control panel, the detector can be easily adjusted by the employees during the production controls and used in the production and control stages.

Sensitivity is kept at the highest level in metal detectors, which can be produced in a special way according to the needs of the customers. Thus, no omissions or errors are allowed. Moreover, it has a completely stainless steel body. This feature, it provides trouble-free use for many years.

The detector can operate safely with unmatched sensitivity and speed. The fact that the Metal Detector can detect very small metal parts, including, makes it unique in this area. There is no need for much technical knowledge in the controls to be performed. After the device installation is prepared, the product can be activated easily. In addition, the ability to make the necessary adjustments through the panel is also provided with special software. In these products supported by Harkom Makina, the whole process is guided by the work to be done. Support is provided at any time when it is needed. If you need a metal detector, you can contact and get information.


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