Filling and Packaging Solutions


From food to pesticides every product to be delivered to the consumer must first go through the filling and then packaging stages. All possible problems in logistics and the delivery of the product to the end consumer can be eliminated. with the selection of the right machine and package type. For this reason, it is important to choose the most suitable packaging machine and package for the product in filling and packaging solutions. You have to choose machines for granular products from different models according to the products in our packaging machines. In this direction, our BM-L, BM-W, IM-L, IM-W, IMQ-W group; you can check and evaluate our BM-A, BM-V, IM-A, IM-V, IMQ-A, CM-W group machines for powder products. The fact that such a distinction is made in the machines due to use the most suitable model for the structure of the products and to prevent any physical deterioration in the products and both in the package.



Spices have a different structure compared to other filling products. Spices filled with screws are available in packages starting from 20 grams up to 10 kg. Thus, you can get support from our machines for both small-scale packaging and high-weight packaging required for wholesale. Spice packaging is as follows according to product groups;




You can find packaging solutions for nuts by using packages where the products are not exposed to air since freshness is very important in consumption. Nuts are as follows according to packaging product groups



Legumes products that would have a long shelf life, should be stored by protected against insects. Legume packaging is as follows according to product groups;


Chocolate and Sweets

Specially designed for packaging machines and packages provide sweets and chocolates remain fresh until the last day of the expiry date. The machines, which offer high-speed filling for different product groups, undertake all human power in a sterile and hygienic manner. High-speed packaging machines in which the surface in contact with the product or all surfaces are made of stainless steel guaranteed do not damage food products in any way. Chocolate and sweet packaging product groups are as follows;

Support can also be provided to different product groups such as wafer packaging and cracker packaging in chocolate and sweet packaging. 


Powder and Granular Products

Special selections from packages to machines, need to be made from packaging powder and granule products. The possibility of harmful substances entering powder products may occur. Therefore, BM-A and IM-A group machines should be used to non-compromise on quality and taste.


Pasta is sensitive product and fragile. For this reason, packaging processes should be also precise. Hot or cold packaging can be performed in the desired weight with pasta packaging machines.


Frozen Foods

Frozen foods that require packaging without spoiling their smell and taste should preserve their freshness until consumption. Frozen foods can be packaged with our machines developed for this purpose without any damage.


Other products

It is possible to find a suitable machine model in many other processes such as pesticide packaging, detergent packaging, screw packaging, or pet food packaging. The variety of machine models enable us to find the most suitable model for the product group. Thus, the filling and packaging of the products can be provided easily.

Our Company which founded in 2011 with its experiences in machine production and automation sectors is enhancing with safe steps in the way to be one of the leader engineering company.

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