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You can find various solutions both used on the packing machines. Through different packages, we offer solutions for use on the packaging and filling machine. You can choose from different package options such as sack, craft package, ready package, industrial package, jar, pillow package, standing package, and Quadro package.



Sack packs are produced following the current recycling program in Turkey. Thus, it stands out as an environmentally friendly solution. Sack packaging also provides an advantage in protecting and stacking the product. Sack filling also provides convenience in powder or granular products.


Sack Package Solutions

  • Bag packaging makes handling, transportation, and stocking easier.
  • Sack package types are produced according to customers’ requirements. It can be produced in color or non-colorless and different sizes.
  • Sack pack allows the product to come into contact with the air via its air-permeable structure.
  • It is one of the most economical options in packaging.
  • Polypropylene woven threads are used in Sacks.


Kraft Package

Kraft package can be preferred to make the product packages more fascinating and quality. Kraft package types can be produced with colourful and specific designs of the company. It can be used for packaging different products and also keeps products fresh. It is also at the forefront as a recycling and environmentally friendly solution since it is a type of package produced from paper material,

Kraft Package Solutions

  • Protects products against external effects.
  • It is produced from recyclable materials.
  • Products can be stored safely with Kraft packaging.


Ready Package

It is generally preferred in businesses with low production capacity. It offers a flexible and fast changeable final product option with its unique package design. The ready packages can be supplied in smaller quantities than open film-shaped packaging films. Although the unit packaging cost is high, it allows lower investment costs in terms of both packaging machines and packaging material. It includes all of the packages produced from raw materials such as polyethylene, paper, laminated plastic film, laminated aluminium and can be in different shapes such as daypack, flat bag package, square bottom package, and four-sided.


Ready Package Solutions

  • It is suitable for low-capacity semi-automatic

packaging processes.

  • The material used is strong. Thus, problems such as rupture, tearing, or leakage are not experienced.
  • It is produced in different sizes, colours, and models. Thus, instead of producing a package from the film, it makes it easier to find the right package quickly.
  • It can be supplied with different solutions such as zipper and euro hole.


Industrial Package

It is easy to produce and is produced considering the needs of commercial activities. It is preferred for high-weight product packaging. It can also be used in bulk products. Its moisture resistance makes it ideal for industrial packaging for long stocks.


Industrial Package Solutions

  • It provides convenience at every stage of logistics.
  • It has the advantage for businesses by saving time.
  • Different industrial package types can be produced according to the product to be packaged.



Jars are frequently used especially in food products. Food can be stored safely as well as protected against external influences after the jar filling process. Jars, which are in two types as glass or plastic, are one of the healthiest and ideal options for packaging.


Jar Package Solutions

  • Jar package provides an advantage in protecting the product., it minimizes the problems experienced in logistics because of its hard structure.
  • It is resistant to pressure and at the same time, it is completely protected against insects.
  • It can be prepared in different sizes and colours upon request.
  • After closing the cover, bacteria formation is prevented. Thus, shelf life can be extended.
  • It is airtight.
  • The lid can be opened and closed again by the end consumer.


Pillow Package

Pillow packages that are used for dry foods are called pillow packages because their appearance is like a pillow. It provides an advantage as it protects the product in filling the pillow package. It is one of the most preferred packages in packaging.


Pillow Pack Solutions

  • It is one of the most preferred package solutions around the world.
  • Can be customized according to needs.
  • It is resistant to damage and thus protects the product.
  • Ideal for dry packaging.


Standing Package

The package, which adds prestige to the companies with its flashy structure, is also preferred on the shelves. It provides an advantage in packaging with its flexibility in design.

Standing Package Solutions

  • It provides 100% protection against moisture.
  • It keeps the product fresh.
  • It is flexible in design and suitable for different design studies.
  • It can also be used in heavyweights.


Quadro Package

Quadro, which is mostly found in the food industry, is flexible in packaging and durable in long-term storage. It ensures that the product remains fresh until the moment it is opened by the end consumer. Different Quadro package types can be produced in sizes according to the needs.

Quadro Package Solutions

  • It has 100 percent resistant to moisture.
  • It is sealed on four sides.
  • Easy to stack due to its high resistance to pressure.

There is a suitable machine for each package solution. However different models are also called bagging machines. You can consider the sachet machine options for sale. The products can be packaged, stored safely, and delivered to the consumer at the end of the production line with a bag machine in the company.