Automatic Sewing Machine

Food goes through various stages before reaching the consumer. The packaging process is important in order to preserve the freshness of the first day on the shelves for a long time.

The packaging and filling machine, which is used to pack food in different sizes, is made more functional with various accessories. Automatic sewing machine is one of the functional accessories. It is used to close the mouth of sacks and kraft packages without the need for manpower. It works in integration with the sack filling machine and transfer belt. In addition to saving time, products are packaged in accordance with health conditions. The packaging process takes place quickly and practically. This means packaging more products in less time. It has an adjustable foot mechanism. It is also used for sewing the mouth part of packages of different sizes. With the automatic operation feature with sensors, operations are carried out without any disruption or any problem in the products. It is divided into two groups as automatic and manual. As the name suggests, the automatic sewing machine is automatic and provides a flawless use. The manual sewing machine is controlled by the operator with the pedal. It can be selected automatically or manually according to the needs of the customer. This accessory, which is easily mounted on the machine, prevents the mouth part of the products from being sewn quickly and getting air. Packaging processes are important to consume foods as fresh as the first day and to extend their shelf life. For this reason, packaging machines produced with high technology are used. In this way, foods are consumed with health.

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