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BM-V Packaging Machine With Volumetric Filler

BM-V Volumetric Packing Machine provides very comfortable packaging. Let's take a look at the features of BM-V Volumetric Filling Packing/Packaging Machine.

BM-V Volumetric Filling Packing/Packaging Machine

With the living conditions which is becoming more difficult day by day, it is very difficult to make the processes you want to be easy. The ability to do more work in less time is one of the most important features people are looking for. Therefore, BM-V Packaging Machine with Volumetric Filler comes out . BM-V by Volumetric Packing Machine, you can save time by making your packaging process faster. With the BM-V Volumetric Packing Machine you can do more work in less time. In this way, you can make more efficient use of time better.

Its suitable for free fall with; All products whose density (g / cm ^ 3) remain within the desired sensitivity range can be packaged. Filling volume based weight control is made with six or eight volume adjustable containers. Containers of different diameters can be used for different products and the weight accuracy depends on the part size and homogeneity of the products to be filled. All surfaces in contact with the product are AISI 304 stainless steel and suitable for food. Quick change of package type is also provided by the easy-to-change collar set.

Precise package length adjustment can be made easier by the adjustable speckle sensor. By the automatic stop operation, due to the continuously controlled printer error, unprinted and incorrect printing is prevented. It is equipped with AC motor driven film sliding unit. Pneumatic driven horizontal jaw welding and cutting unit. Depending on the type of packaging, cold or hot welding techniques can be applied. Mounting complies with CE standards. It has different language options and the easy-to-use touch screen allows the user to operate more easily. BM-V Volumetric

Errors in the packaging machine are reduced to minimum levels. The BM-V Volumetric Packaging Machine, which has been carefully developed in every part, has won the admiration of its users. The BM-V Volumetric Packaging Machine, which is widely used today, is recommended by the users. These machines do not encounter any complaints; they are very successful in troubleshooting needs. In this way, you can easily perform transactions without losses. You can protect your products against problems by doing more transactions with less risk.

  Optional Equipment:
  • Nitrogen filling unit
  • Screw feeding unit
  • Output Conveyor
  • Vacuum belt
  • Euro hole / Strap Hole
  • Printer with barcode and date writing

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