Filling machines have supporting equipment. These include post-packaging accessories. Post-packaging accessories; equipment such as automatic sewing machine, transfer belt, take away conveyor, box taping, turntable, metal detector, pallet wrapping, check weigher.

Packing and Filling Machine Post-Packaging Accessories

Post-packaging accessories are items that assist the machine during packaging or filling. These tools, which attract attention with their technological features and practicality, are easily integrated into machines. The automatic sewing machine and the transfer belt work in an integrated way. It has an adjustable foot mechanism feature. It has the principle of automatic operation with a sensor while providing control with a manual pedal, it has an automatic working principle with the sensor. The transfer belt, on the other hand, carries out safe transportation, and transfer of the package after filling occurs during packaging. It can be adjusted according to package sizes and its speed can be changed according to preference. The takeaway conveyor is used for transport and transfer. It facilitates the transfer of the packaged product sequentially to the turntable. The packaging machine and the takeaway conveyor work in sync. Box taping is the accessory that simultaneously tapes the upper and lower parts of the boxes during closing. The turntable is the accessory used to collect the packaged product after the turntable is processed. Adjustments can be made to the height. A metal detector is an accessory designed to detect products such as metal after the packaging process of food. It is easily integrated into the packaging line. Pallet wrapping is the accessory that performs the winding process with cling film of the products on the pallet. Protects against external factors without any damage during transportation and transportation of products. How many laps the stretch will take in the pallet wrapping can be easily adjusted. The control balance is the accessory used to verify the weight of the packaged products. It is an easily adjustable system for average and precise weights.

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