Established in the year 2011, with its expertise in machine production and automation sectors, our company is enhancing with safe steps towards being the leader of manufacturing companies in producing state of the art packaging machines.

Nowadays, packaging solutions are not limited to raw and unprocessed food; It is expanding in general foods such as dried fruit, fries and much more, and this is one of the reasons why our goals are not limited.

We are make our strives to take its place in the domestic and international markets at higher levels to project, counseling, production and turnkey solutions.



Growing is what drives us and shapes our vision of reaching every corner of the world and providing up to date machinery to both domestic and international customers.

At Harkom, we don’t thrive solely on technology for global reach but, we also have a set of beliefs. 

● Adapting and improvising
● Increasing user’s and personal satisfaction
● To use the developing technology in machine production.
● Speeding up packaging industry with increased efficiency

What makes our vision different than others is the determination to become one of the most-preferred solution providers. Our basic principle is transparency and honesty.



Our Mission is to become a leading enterprise for the purposes of our own values by delivering class leading packaging machinery at reasonable prices. We find innovation in simplicity and that empowers us to work even better than our previous self.

Providing equipment made up of sturdy and quality material is our stronghold and to do so, we focus on our efficiency by adopting technological improvements and changes in this field. At every stage of our business, we also keep our clients on our mind to not just the deliver the products but our promises.

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  • 05 April
  • Harkom

Jar Filling Machine

Jars that are preferred for packaging powder or granular products are in two different forms, glass or plastic. The products to be filled with the compatible jar filling machine can be protected for a long time due to the durable structure of the jar. Moreover, although it takes a long time with the sterilization process for the jar before and during production, the product can be stored intact. The use of the appropriate filling machine minimizes the problems that can be experienced in the post-production transportation of enterprises.  

What Should Be The Features Of Jar Filling Machines?

For businesses that will prefer jar filling machines which product differences can make selection difficult. At this stage, the features of machines and operations should be made selected necessarily according to the workload. In addition, uniform products may not be accepted in production areas. Different weight options may also be needed in the sale of the product to be filled. To be purchased the machines must be compatible with jars of different sizes. The features of the machine provide support against different needs that may arise in the coming years. Thus, instead of buying a new machine, support is provided from the existing machine.  

What Can Be Filled With Jar Filling Machines?

Jar filling machine will not impose a limitation on filling if a quality machine is preferred. It is possible to fill many different products such as spices, medicines, and cosmetics with a jar filling machine. Fabricated production is easily ensured thanks to the serial fillings made in the machines. Moreover, in cases where weight is important, products are filled in jars and offered for sale without any problems with a filling machine with the precision weighing feature. Another detail that should be considered in machines that allow untouched production is that they can offer a hygienic use.  

Harkom's Jar Filling Machine Types

SA-L Two-Channel Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine and SA-A Semi-Automatic Screw Powder Filling Machine, which stand out with different features for businesses in need of jar filling machines, create two models that can be preferred. The most suitable machine may choose according to the processes of the filled product. You can easily meet your needs with the jar filling machine.
  • 30 March
  • Harkom

Food Packaging Machines

Food packaging processes must be carried out smoothly in order to protect the food in a healthy way until the end consumer of food products. Negligence that may occur does not only cause the product to deteriorate. It can cause companies to receive negative reviews and lose prestige. Packaging errors can be eliminated with a food packaging machine suitable for the product and production line.

What Types Of Food Packaging Machines?

In food packaging machines, machine selection is made according to the type of product to be packaged. Nuts packaging machine and pulse packaging machine may have the same features. However, when dust and granular products are involved, different requirements arise for the packaging machine. Therefore, it should be remembered that it is a suitable or different machine for each product.

What Are The Advantages Of Food Packaging Machines?

Together with food packaging machines, the priority is the protection of the product. Products that are protected are thus removed from external influences. With the food packaging machine, formations such as bacteria and mold are prevented. Packaging is also carried out without problems. It ensures that the products are protected and consumed until the expiration date. It also retains its freshness when the products are cut off from contact with the air.

Best Food Packaging Machines For Businesses

The choice of brand and model must be suitable for the need for a food packaging machine that businesses can use without problems for a long time. In addition to being compatible with the product to be packaged, it must also be adapted to the existing production line. It allows enterprises to produce continuously with the machine, which is compatible in all operations in pre-packaging and post-packaging. To be purchased a machine should have easy control, high performance and low failure rates.

Special Filling Machine For Each Product With Harkom

Harkom has numerous options in food packaging machines with its experts and experiences in the sector. It offers turnkey solutions for businesses with advantageous prices, fast service and spare parts options. You can order the products from packaging machines with different characteristics such as sack filling, kraft filling, powder filling with your reviews on our page. Moreover, you can get support from our customer representatives when you want to get the information needed during the bidding and purchasing stages and technical details about the machines.
  • 22 March
  • Harkom

Filling Machines

Filling machines used to fill powdered and granulated products into appropriate packages also facilitate the high-weight filling process. In filling machines produced by Harkom, machines are prepared and made available for different product groups. In this way, it is possible to choose easily according to the type of product that is filled. Attractive opportunities are also offered for all enterprises that need filling machines in the production line.

Special Protection For Filling Machines

Although filling machines are usually food products, they are also used in the packaging of non-food products. There are many details to consider during the machine selection phase. First of all, all surfaces where powder and granular products will pass until the moment they enter the package must be sterile and in accordance with food hygiene conditions. Machines should also be produced from substances that prevent any rusting or bacterial formation in continuous use. Otherwise, bacteria or rusting may occur in the machine in a short period of time and may be transmitted to the food that is packaged. This will also raise many problems. For this reason, Harkom production filling machines stand out with food-friendly stainless steel. Machines produced using stainless steel also provide an advantage in cleaning and hygiene. In this way, the machines that are cleaned periodically do not pose any risk in food filling processes and offer convenience. It is also important to weigh the product precisely during the use of filling machines. The weight of the product filled in the jar or package is entered from the PCL screen located on the machine in advance. Thus, the machine sends the product as much as the specified amount of each package filling. In addition, while all these processes are happening, production takes place in series. Thus, without any disruptions, the products are filled with the right weights and made ready for shipment.

Meet The Harkom Difference!

Harkom, which manages to offer different options for filling machines, can fully meet the expectations with its machines produced according to sectoral expectations. Kraft offers alternatives such as kraft filling packaging machine for businesses that want to make filling and powder filling machine for businesses that want to make powder filling. Through the Harkom online address, the packaging and filling machine suitable for each product can be easily determined.

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