Check Weigher

The packaging and filling machine becomes more functional when it is enriched with various accessories. One of these accessories, check weigher, provides control of the weight accuracy of the packaged product.

Food goes through many stages before it reaches the consumer. The most important of these is the packaging stage. Packaging operations should be carried out in accordance with health conditions. There are various before and after production machines specially designed for this. The check weigher is the most important accessory designed to be integrated into the production process to verify the weight of products packed in packages. Thanks to its special design, the packaged products are weighed and provide information about the accuracy of their weight. Thanks to this adjustable system, which provides convenience regarding the environment and exact weight, the work of the operators is also facilitated. Designed with the development of technology, these tools reduce manpower and save time. The check weigher can be used easily thanks to its easy user interface. It attracts attention with its different features and practical usability. The simple to use check weigher has a precise structure and provides easy weighing of the products. Integrated at the post-packaging line, this accessory is installed very easily. The check weigher, which works synchronously with the machine, is also easy to remove and install.

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