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IM-A Packaging Machine With Auger Filler

The IM-A Screw Packing Machine is a very rapid machine in the packaging field. Let’s take a look at the features of  IM-A Auger Filling Packaging Machine .

IM-A Screw Packing Machine

With the development of technology, human lives become easier. All business locations and is rendered more human lives can be drawn through it easily. By these facilities, both energy and time saving is provided. When human life is the most important thing and runoff unnecessary time is a big loss for the people. Technological advances are being made to prevent this lost time. IM-A Screw Packing Machine is a machine which is formed from these developments. With this machine you can save time by packing faster. It has many features to facilitate packaging. With these features you can perform your work safely and quickly.

Our machine is designed to package powder and similar products; Servo motor controlled screw filling unit provides fast and precise filling. Product weight is adjusted by the number of turns of the filling screw. Screw sizes may vary depending on product type and target filling quantity. All surfaces in contact with the product are AISI 304 stainless steel and suitable for food. Quick change of package type allowed by the easy interchangeable collar set.

Easy adjustable mark sensor for precise package length adjustment. The automatic stopping process is controlled depending on the printer error that prevented the unprinted continuous raids and erroneous. It is equipped with AC motor driven film sliding unit.

Servo motor driven horizontal jaw welding and cutting unit has become more successful. IM-A Screw Packing Machine can be applied cold or hot welding techniques according to the type of packaging and film tension is continuously controlled. Coil centering is performed with precise edge control. Assembly construction complies with CE standards. IM-A Screw Packing Machine has different language options and you can make your adjustments more easily with its convenient touch screen. With this screw packing machine you can package your products more easily and more efficiently. Allows you to pack your products quickly. IM-A Screw Packing Machine is one of the most preferred machines.

Optional Equipment:
  • Nitrogen filling unit
  • Screw feeding unit
  • Output Conveyor
  • Vacuum belt
  • Euro hole / Strap Hole
  • Printer with barcode and date writing

Contact us for different type of packages, products and capacities.

IM-A Packaging Machine With Auger Filler Technical Data
Width 1600mm
Length 2200mm
Height 2650mm
Weight 950kg
Speed (Package/Minute) 75
Package Length max:380mm
Package Width max:240mm
Film Bobbin Diameter max:360mm
Film Bobbin Width max:530mm
Power Consumption 10 Kw
Working Voltage 380V 3 Phase 50Hz
Air Consumption 250 Lt/Dakika - Minute
Air Pressure (min.) 6 Bar

IM-A Packaging Machine With Auger Filler Package Solutions