Big Bag Cranes

Packaging and filling machines; It is used in the packaging of many food and non-food products such as pulses, nuts, powder and granule products. There are auxiliary accessories for using these machines in a more functional way.

A big bag crane is used to facilitate the transportation of large and heavy materials. It helps in the rapid transportation of materials before packaging and filling machine operation. It is used for the safe transportation of heavy packages such as big bags and sacks without the need for people. It is large in appearance and controlled by operators. The dimensions of the big bag crane differ according to the products and capacity. It provides a practical use as it provides great convenience to operators in carrying materials and minimizes manpower. It is one of the most preferred accessories in packaging and filling processes. It also saves time. Moreover, it prevents products from being damaged during transportation. This auxiliary accessory with technological features is designed from stainless steel suitable for food. The sack crane is very easy to use. Such accessories are used in order to do more work in less time and to have a process suitable for health conditions.

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