Tube Screw Conveyor

Special conveyor systems are used to transport powdery products in packaging and production lines One of the most popular and portable of these systems is the tube screw conveyor model. This model, specially designed for dusty products, is one of the models that best reflects the power, quality, experience and knowledge of Harkom Makina in the industry.

In this special accessory, where all kinds of powder products can be used, horizontal transportation operations are carried out without any problems. It is carried out without any disruption in the product transfer process. It is one of the professional accessories used to deliver the product to the required area. The tube screw conveyor makes things much more serial in every production area where it is used.

While handling is done by hand in most production lines, this causes problems such as time, labour and product loss. Many different problems can be experienced especially during the gathering, collection and transportation of powder materials. However, choosing one of the professional options such as tube screw conveyor allows all these stages to be carried out without any problems.

What are the features of the tube screw conveyor?

The tube screw conveyor is ​​a portable structure. Thus, it can be easily transported and integrated into production lines. In addition, different expectations and needs were taken into account during the development phase by Harkom Makina. In this way, tube screw conveyor can be developed for horizontal transportation needs of different capacities and can make it respond to the need.

These differences were observed during the development of the model due to the fact that the production, which takes place as dusty products, has different options. Thus, it is possible to choose the conveyor that will provide the most suitable support for the tube screw conveyor according to different products.
The only focus aimed at the tube screw conveyor, which has a very simple structure, is to ensure that the powder materials are transferred smoothly, without damage and without any product loss. For this reason, tube screw conveyors produced with a durable material will form one of the trouble-free parts of production for years. You can contact us for different models or special products and you can clear all your questions about the tube screw conveyor.


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