Belt Conveyor

Basic food products go through an intensive packaging process before they hit the shelves. State-of-the-art technology is used to reduce manpower and realize a more practical process in the packaging phase.

The belt conveyor easily transfers products thanks to its specially designed belt system. Thanks to this accessory with high carrying capacity, more than one product is transferred at the same time. This saves time and minimizes labor at the same time. The belt conveyor, which has very strong technological features, can be easily disassembled and installed. All areas in contact with the product are made of food-grade materials. For this reason, no microorganism formation occurs in the products. Thanks to its unique design and easy assembly feature, this supportive accessory, which provides users with practicality, can be easily used by operators. Thanks to its improved resistance against any impact, the accessory can be used for a long time. For existing systems, the integration feature is one of the details that increase the efficiency of the belt conveyor accessory. This accessory, which provides a practical use for packaging and filling machines, is added to the machine and the machine gains a different function. The packaging phase should be carried out meticulously in order to prevent the freshness of food, to avoid spoilage and to consume it in accordance with health conditions. In such cases, useful packaging and filling machines can be used practically.

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