Vibration Bunker

Before food takes its place on the shelves, it goes through an intensive processing process. Food should be consumed as fresh as the first day. Therefore, the packaging process is carefully managed so that it does not lose its nutritional values ​​and does not deteriorate in its structure.

The packaging and filling machine is one of the main tools used in the packaging of the products. These machines, which are extremely powerful in terms of technology, have functional features and minimize human power. Technically it is extremely powerful. There are a variety of accessories designed for packaging and filling machines. One of these accessories, the vibrating hopper, is where products are first collected before they are packaged. The products are transferred to the elevator thanks to the vibration motor in the vibration bunker. It has automatic operation feature. In this way, robust products are filled in the packages. Packaged products take their place on shelves and can be stored for a long time. It is an accessory built on extremely easy and practical features. It exhibits superior performance so that the products are consumed as fresh as the first day. The vibrating feeder hopper, which has an automatic operating principle in order to facilitate the work of the operators, works in an integrated manner with the machine. Thus, the products are transferred in a coordinated manner. To do this, the packaging machine and its auxiliary accessories are mounted and connected in order to work in harmony with each other. Then the foods are packaged in accordance with health conditions. In this way, products are made ready to take their place on the shelves.

Our Company which founded in 2011 with its experiences in machine production and automation sectors is enhancing with safe steps in the way to be one of the leader engineering company.

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