Mixing Bunker

This special accessory, called the mixer bunker, is one of the important parts of the packaging stages. This accessory, which can be positioned in the appropriate area of production with its special wheeled structure, also carries the quality and assurance of the Harkom Machine.

It can be used for many years without the need for technical support. Trouble-free production is carried out on your packaging lines. It also prevents damage to the product, especially during the mixing stage. Thanks to the mixer system, it allows each product to become completely homogeneous.

What are the features of the mixer bunker?

The mixer bunker is one of the accessory models specially produced by Harkom Makina. It is among the equipment located before the line for the products to be packaged. In this process, all products are made ready for packaging in a special way. The mixer bunker part of the accessory can be easily opened when needed with the help of a small screw.

Then the products to be packed are transferred to the mixer bunker and the mixer bunker is fed continuously. Thanks to this accessory mixing system used for packaging different products such as powder, dispersion or deformation of the product is prevented. In this way, the products are easily delivered without any deformation during the packaging stages and the process until they reach the end consumer.

Mixer bunker, manual and automatic two different working systems have been developed. It makes things much easier for businesses. In non-sensitive works, operations can be performed faster and more smoothly by switching to automatic mode. In sensitive works, support can be obtained from the bunker model with the mixer manually without any problems.

It has a simple usage. In addition, it is not possible to have a malfunction or different problems. With this product, which was developed in line with special research and industry expectations, you can make one of the most important parts of the production process in enterprises easier. You can contact Harkom Makina for special pricing and more different needs.


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