The idea of vertical packaging came to extend the shelf life of different food products that wouldn’t last long in the natural environment. A product, once packed with form fill and seal processing technology, stays protected from outside harmful agents, that otherwise would have spoiled it.

With an idea to revolutionize packaging industry, we started our operation to build user friendly packaging machines. The commercial vertical packaging machines we make, can withstand daily loads, all the while professionally packing the stuff with no delay in the production line up.

Food-Friendly Vertical Packaging Machines

A machinery to pack food, if not made from food grade material can result in destroying the food quality and may not be of use when it reaches the customer.

Keeping that in mind and taking science into consideration, we built vertical packaging machines using food-friendly materials. The whole process of using such machines is to prevent bad unseen agents such as the airborne bacteria from entering the packages, which account for food spoilage leading to degraded health.

Our Other Products

Our wide array of packing machinery also includes:

  • Electronic weighing systems, that ensure every single package gets the same weight of eatables filled and sealed.
  • Semi automatic filling machine, which can support the packaging of different size of solid granules.
  • Full automatic packaging line accessories, with automatic weighing, filling, packaging, controlling, handling, boxing, wrapping and palletizing products.
  • Silage packaging machine, offering air-tight packing of silage for storing or selling purposes.

If you’re starting a business and need vertical packaging machines, or if you are an already existing packaging company and need machinery upgrades, go through our lineup. We manufacture machines as small as tabletop mounted and as large as industrial scale double chambers and chamber-less. DO GIVE US A CALL AND STATE YOUR REQUIREMENTS!