One of the first addresses for those who want to save time is frozen foods. Packaging and storing these foods following health conditions is very important in terms of human health and the nutritional value of food.

Frozen Food Packaging

Packaging frozen foods such as potatoes and potato chips are one of the important stages to maintain their freshness on the first day, without losing the nutritional value of the foods, causing the taste or smell to deteriorate. At the moment of consumption, every stage of products for tasty foods should be carried out meticulously. Food is protected for a long time by using technologically powerful filling machines. With the characteristics of the machines themselves, the product is filled into the packages. Frozen products, which are one of the most important foods of the modern age, are prepared practically and take their place on the tables.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Various filling machines are used to package frozen foods following health conditions. Thanks to Harkom packaging machines, the frozen food packaging process takes place quickly and practically. In order not to reproduce microorganisms during packaging, the procedures take place quickly and meticulously. Offering practical packaging methods, these machines provide conveniences thanks to their various technological features. Surfaces that come into contact with food are designed from AISI 304 stainless steel material and are suitable for frozen foods. Packaging of food supplies away from microorganisms and parasites is carried out. After the filling stage, the shelf life is extended by sealing the packages. In this way, the freshness of the product on the first day is maintained. Thanks to the touch screen feature in the machines, the package type, and weight are adjusted and filling operations are carried out.


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