Before the food takes its place on the tables, it undergoes an intensive packaging process. Modern packaging machines are used to speed up the packaging of foods of different sizes and structures, minimize manpower and extend the shelf life of food.

Fragile Product Packaging

Packaging machines, which perform superiorly to place fragile products such as akide sugar, crackers, cube wafers, and cookies in packages without damage, have practical results. These machines, which carry out the packaging of high-speed and quantity products, can be adjusted for products of different sizes. Modern solutions are offered with vertical packaging machines used to carry out packaging of fragile and sensitive products. Thanks to the FMQ-W Series Packaging Machine, which attracts attention with its special design, packaging of fragile products is carried out. In this way, the appearance of the products is preserved and filled into packages without deformation. Then the products whose mouth part is sealed are ensured to have a long shelf life. Vertical filling machine with impeccable packaging feature provides convenience with precise and practical details.

Fragile Product Packaging Machine

Thanks to the use of the air permeability preventive system in the packaging process, the products are prevented from getting stale by taking the air. Thanks to the professional properties of the machines, the smell, taste, and freshness of the products are always maintained. With professional packaging and bonding techniques, the shelf life of products is extended. With this feature, there will be no corruption problems. Thanks to its user-friendly interface design, high-quality automation platforms are offered. Designed to reduce manpower, these machines protect food from spills during operation and help stock up. In addition, food is packaged away from insects and parasites, ensuring healthy use.

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