Nuts, which are among the indispensable parts of healthy eating habits, are consumed healthily by going through the correct packaging process. Sweet, salty, raw, roasted dried nuts take their place on the shelves by going through different packaging processes.

Nuts Packaging

The demand for nuts is increasing day by day. It is aimed to be fresh and on the shelves for a long time while presenting the products to the consumer. For this, different methods are used every day. Technologically powerful nuts filling machines provide a fast, practical, and healthy filling process. The packaging process is extremely important to preserve the freshness of nuts on the first day. The right machines must be used in this process. Specially designed machines ensure a long shelf life by minimizing the oxygen content in the package for the healthy consumption of nuts.

Nuts Packaging Machine

Products waiting in a silo or transfer chamber are transferred into the packages in a certain order. Thanks to the linear and volumetric weighing units, the products are divided into weights according to the determined weight demand. The weighing unit works synchronously with a special mechanism controlled by the packaging film automation system. The package is prepared according to the desired package type and size. The weights determined in the weighing units are transferred into the package and the mouth of the package is tightly closed. Ready packages wait to take their place on the shelf. Thanks to the options on the touch screen, there are different options such as production speed, package size, target weight, sealing time. You can start the packaging process by entering this information.

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