Pasta is indispensable in every home and one of the main staple foods. The kinds of pasta, which are in different shapes and colors, attract attention with their appeal. Such diversity is due to the different machines used during production. The next stage after production is packaged using filling machines and equipment.

Pasta Packaging Machine

Pasta filling and packaging process should be done with advanced technology machines. Due to the fragile nature of the pasta, the pasta packaging process requires care. Considering these features of pasta, a suitable packaging machine is selected and prepared to take its place on the shelves. You can increase the production volume by using these high-tech machines. Thanks to machines that work with less manpower, errors that may occur are prevented.

Pasta Packaging Filling Machine

Harkom can be easily controlled by the operator thanks to its interface and touch screen on its machines designed with advanced technology. All surfaces that come into contact with the products during the packaging process are made of AISI 304 stainless steel materials. In this way, a healthy packaging process is experienced. Unprinted and erroneous printing is prevented with the automatic stop process depending on the printer error, which is under constant control.

Pasta Packaging Machine Price

Fast package type change is offered with the easily changed collar set to ensure the packaging of products with different shapes. It helps in setting the package size with its easily adjustable spot sensor feature. The hot or cold sealing technique is used to seal the packages. Pasta packaging machines have the feature of assembly following CE standards. With its touch screen feature, it has different language options and provides easy use. By setting different degrees of speed, you can control the machine and quickly pack.

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