Spices are the first products of choice to give flavor to dishes. There are dozens of spices obtained from various plants. Each has different aromas and gives different flavors to the dishes it uses.

Spice Packaging

The packaging of spices, some of which are granular and some in powder form, also differs. The processes are completed healthily by using filling machines specially designed to pack spices. High-performance and fast-running packaging machines extend the shelf life of products. It provides a healthier use. Due to the high variety of spices, filling machines also keep pace with this variety.

Spice Packaging Machine

Products are poured into the mixer bunker before being packaged. Then the tube is transported to the machine with the help of a tube screw conveyor. Finally, the products pass through the screw unit and fill the bags are carried out. Harkom filling machine is completely controlled by the PLC touch screen. With a single touch, the processing in the machine is checked and the spice packaging stage takes place. With the touch screen, you can practically change the settings of the machine. With multilingual support, these machines make it easy to choose from different languages and use them. This filling machine, which has different equipment for sorting and packaging products of various sizes, has capacities ranging from 20 g to 10 kg. Made of food-friendly stainless steel and quality materials, machines help to easily package multiple products. The packaging process, which takes place hygienically is considered an important factor in the healthy consumption of products.

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