Packaging of powdered and granular products such as starch, cornflour, flour, salt, granulated sugar, caster sugar, dry bread crumbs, coffee is a process that requires more care compared to other foods. Due to their unique nature, it is very easy to contaminate harmful substances and microorganisms, which are unwanted by environmental factors. For this reason, powder and granule packaging processes must be carried out meticulously.

Powder and Granular Products Packaging

If powder products are applied by taking the necessary precautions in the packaging process, damage to the parts in the machine is prevented. In this way, if there are parts that are damaged without care, it may also reduce the quality of the product by mixing with the product. To avoid such situations, you can take a look at our BM-A, IM-A, and IMQ-A series machines that we offer as a solution. During the packaging of powder and granule products, the process must be followed carefully. In this way, the shelf life of the products is extended and healthy consumption is ensured. All surfaces that come into contact with the product during packaging are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the product is transferred to the packages without any damage.

Powder and Granular Products Packaging Machine

The printer, which is checked frequently, prevents unprinted and erroneous printing thanks to the automatic stopping process in case of any error. The collar set used in the filling machines can be changed easily and fast packaging is provided in this way. The package size can be precisely adjusted thanks to the practically adjustable spot sensor. These machines, which are technically very powerful, are used either hot or cold sealing processes, depending on the type of packaging. Harkom powder and granule products packaging machines can be easily controlled thanks to the touch screen and stand out with different language options. With this advantage, the machine can be controlled easily.

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