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The filling machine, which is one of the important parts of the packaging industry, has a wide range of uses such as food, chemistry, and cosmetics. the products produced by the filling machine are filled into pre-shaped packages in these sectors. The manual filling machine that we produce does not harm human health and it is made of food-grade stainless steel. Filling machines, which vary according to different features and usage, are used for filling the products to be packed into the packaging practically. These machines, which are extremely useful in terms of saving, are cleaned periodically and provide a professional usage and pack. The products that can be filled using the filling machine as follows; Spices, instant soups, pesticides, detergents, legumes, granulated sugar, chocolate, coffee, pasta, nuts, and many similar products can be filled easily.  

Filling and Capping Machine Models

Filling machine models are designed to make packaging operations easier and vary according to their usage areas. However, the properties of the product differ, It is divided into headings such as vertical filling machine, spice filling machine, and powder filling machine.

Vertical Filling Machine

The vertical filling machine, which capacity varies depending on the working system, is filled up to 10 kg of products in packages. These vertically positioned machines have servomotor and pneumatic working principles. The products of different structures are filled in the desired weight, into the pre-shaped ready-made packages. It has a semi-automatic system. The speed and amount of product that is set on the touch screen are filled with the help of the operator. Heat treatment is applied for sealing to the package with the help of the user’s pedal and the closing process takes place. It is easy to use, maintain, and clean. Packaging conditions suitable for health rules are provided.  

Spice Filling Machine

Powder and similar spices are packaged with the Spice Filling Machine with a semi-automatic system. The weight of the product is adjusted by the number of circles turns of the filling screw. Screw dimensions may vary depending on the product type and target filling amount. The surfaces contacting the product will not wear or corrosion cases in time during the filling process. Thus, the packaging is done according to health conditions. The necessary instructions are given to the machine with the help of the PLC screen and these directives can be easily processed. The weight, production speed, and quantity are monitored on the PLC screen. Packaging is done without any intervention after the adjustments on the PLC screen. Cleaning and maintenance of the spice filling machine are also done easily. It is easily used with different types of ready-made packages, not just one type of package. It offers to fill in the range of 10-1000 gr.  

Powder Filling Machine

The Powder Filling Machine, which is used in the packaging of powder products with high and low density, allows the products to be filled in the desired ready-made package in the desired weight. This filling process is done as a semi-automatic and fully automatic powder filling machine. These machines, which are easily used in the food, chemical, cosmetic, and cleaning industries, are also very easy to clean. The filling process is done into a glass jar, plastic jar, tin, ready pack, and daypack. The flow rate of the product is adjusted on the PCL display panel. All surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless materials. In this way, the necessary hygienic environment is provided. The powder filling machine works with an auger system. It varies according to the production capacity of the product and the target weight.  

Filling and Capping Machine Prices

The filling machine price varies according to the materials used in the production of the machine, the capacity of the product to be packaged, being fully automatic or semi-automatic, its speed, and many other extra features change the price tag of the product therefore it is specially designed for the product to be packaged. As the capacity of filling machines and equipment increases, the production volume of the product increases. This also shows itself in the price tag. There is a difference in both quality and price between the second-hand filling machine for sale and the new machines. The vertical filling machine, which is one of the inventions that ease manpower, performs the process of filling the products to be packed under hygienic conditions into the package quickly.