Q Type Forming Tube

The packaging stage is very important in order for the foods to be consumed in the first days freshness and health. With the development of technology, the packaging process of the products has become easier.

As is known, the designs of the packages are different from each other. Along with the diversity of the products, there are also differences in the design in the packaging. These factors cause the packages to change and increase their variety. There are different types of collars to meet the packaging needs with different designs. These collar types may differ according to the type and weight of the products to be packaged. The quadro forming tube accessory allows the open packaging film to be shaped into a quadro package. It works integrated with the packaging machine. Quadro forming tube provides practical use thanks to its easy removal and installation. It helps to save time. All surfaces that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel and are therefore suitable for long-term use. It stands out with its practical and fast mounting to the machine. The quadro forming tube accessory, specially designed for the quadro package type, can be used easily by adding it to the packaging machine. Food goes through various stages before reaching the consumer. The most important of these in terms of health is the packaging process. The packaging process must be carried out in accordance with health conditions. With the sealing feature of the package, any deformation in the products is prevented. Otherwise, various deteriorations may occur in the products. Quadro forming tube is one of the supporting apparatus in the meticulously carried out packaging and filling process. It can also be produced in different sizes for the target weight in packaging machines. Different accessories such as quadro forming tube are also used to make the packaging machine more functional.

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