Get the most efficient, high speed and advanced packaging machines for your spices and extend the life of natural delicious enhancing products.

Different from spices, nuts and legumes, it does not fall automatically during packaging. Instead, the intermediate passage is poured into the bunkers and then carried by screws and finally filled onto the screw on the machine. The filler tube then fills the bag which is later glued to seal off.

As Harkom Machine, we are working to make spice packaging the most efficient.




The Advance Machine Lineup Includes

  • LCD touch screen: All the controls are only a touch away. The screen allows tweaking the settings of the lineup.
  • Multi Language support: Apart from the universal English language, the machine you’ll get will come equipped with various language supports.
  • Food Grade Material: The AISI 304 stainless steel used in the machines is manufactured from 100% food grade material.

All our spices packaging machines have different material holding capacity which varies from 20 g to 10 kg. Every single part is selected from premium materials, for some spices like baking soda or salt might react with the surface otherwise, that may lead to degrading quality and carrying metal toxins along.

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