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What Makes Us Different, Our Versatile Perspectives Are The Principles We Have Acquired in Our Vision!

We believe that a machine should not limit your potential. A standard packaging machine may be sufficient for a limited variety of products. If the packaging machine does not allow different products on the line, you may need to invest in a new machine.

Harkom’s dynamic and talented team is therefore always ready to find a solution for your non-standard products. Harkom can develop special type packaging machines which can be used for pesticide packaging, detergent packaging, pet food packaging, stamp-screw-bolt packaging and similar products.

  • Our machines offer excellent packaging solutions for these products. Our machines according to product types; It can work with gravimetric, volumetric or screw.
  • Products such as animal feed are ideal for packaging with gravimetric methods after transfer from a silo to a weighing hopper.
  • Due to the chemical components of substances such as pesticides and detergents, a separate packaging line is needed.
  • It is oxidized when it comes into contact with detergent, metal and air. Our detergent packaging machines do not affect product quality and help you get efficient packages with the use of optional equipment.
  • Metal products such as washers, screws and bolts are usually packaged gravimetrically. In special cases, you may need to pack two or more types of products into the same package with a specified amount for each. With our machines with automatic weighing mechanism with precision weighing for your special needs, you will get high quality packages.

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