Cost-Effective, High-Performance and Well-Designed Machine Solutions to Pack Nuts and Dried Fruits

Sweet, salty and raw nuts are indispensable elements of a healthy eating habit.The demand for these products is increasing day by day.Therefore, such products can be kept fresh for a long time to offer to the consumer.It is gaining more importance every day.

However, these products are offered to customers by traditional methods; because of the products are contacted with air, micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus can be easily grown in the product. Products become unhealthy and can be cause of healty problem.

Product that can be wasted, is causes increasing the nuts and similar packaging selling ratio.Our machines equipped with special drying options reduce the oxygen in the package and extend the product life.


How Our Nuts Packing System Works?

The processed products is follow these steps:

  • With linear or circulary placed multiple weighing units, it separates the product into portions according to the target weight demand.
  • Thanks to the special mechanisms controlled by the film automation system, it produces the package in accordance with the desired package type and size in a synchronous manner to the weighing unit. After finish this process, package can be closed.
  • Variables like machine speed, package shape, target weight are optimized via touch screens.
  • Thanks to the nitrogen blowing apparatus, products keeps the freshness and shelf life.


Product loss and money loss is prevented. Give up your traditional packaging and upgrade to more effective and healthier packaging solutions with our nuts packaging machines.