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Legumes, which are one of the indispensable foods, take their place on the shelves by passing through different packaging methods. Products such as chickpeas, lentils, bulgur, rice, beans are packaged with carefully designed pulse filling machines.

Legumes Packaging


There are different packaging machines. It is possible to pack legumes easily by taking advantage of the features of vertical packaging machines. Designed from high-quality materials, the machines provide practical use thanks to their technological features. It is important to consume quality and hygienic products for human health. However, time is just as important. High-tech methods are used to save time. Using the features of high-tech packaging machines, the products are separated from each other and package filling occurs. With a high-speed filling machine, a lot of products are filled in a short time. With the high technology used in Harkom vertical packaging machines, the packaging process is carried out at the desired weights. The packaging process is very important to extend the shelf life of legumes, healthily consume them, store them sterile.

Legumes Packaging Machine

It ensures that the shelf life of legumes is long with vertical filling machines. It also carries out its packaging of products away from insects or parasites. It ensures that food does not spill during filling and helps with stocking. These machines, which require less manpower, perform the filling process on their own after various adjustments. Food can wait on the shelves for a long time after filling and sealing. Thanks to the user-friendly interface design with high-quality automation platforms, you can easily control the machines and carry out the packaging process.