Achieve High Speed Top Level Modern Packages with the Packaging Machine Specially Designed for Fragile Product Groups!

With our vertical packaging machine, we offer you innovative solutions for cube wafers, cookies, crackers, rock candy, which are sensitive. FMQ-W Series Packaging Machine draws attention with its special design. Our packaging machine are prevented the appearance retention and deformation of fragile products in the packaging process. You will get perfect packages with our specially designed and 25% inclined machine.

What Do We Offer With Our Packaging Machine For Fragile Products?

  • Our machine is airtight in the packaging process.
  • With our machine the smell, taste and freshness of the products are preserved.
  • It provides long shelf life of the products.
  • It ensures that your food is packed away from insects and parasites.
  • It protects foodstuffs from spillage and helps store them.
  • Less manpower is needed.
  • No wasting time during bag changing thanks to easily dismountable bag dimensioning accessories.
  • User friendly interface with high quality automation platforms.